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Private Coaching with Mindie

Mindie Kniss coach

You are the captain of your ship; I’m a master navigator.  I can help you chart your course through rough waters.  Take a journey with me to regain control in your life, to seek out the true adventure that your heart would have you follow, and to put into place the foundation on which to build your dreams.  Sound too good to be true?  I’ve done it.  And you can too.

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HeartPath retreat Sedona

HeartPath™ is a merger of the spirit and science of the heart.  I bring the latest research in heart intelligence into an experiential weekend filled with hiking, meditation and lots of good fun.  Held annually in Sedona, Arizona, HeartPath™ is an essential course for you if you are looking to escape the stress of being stuck in your head, and you want to navigate a clear path forward in life with purpose and meaning.

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cor logo_final

Cor is the premier coach training program that incorporates the science of heart intelligence with the business acumen for a successful and prosperous career. Over the course of 90 days, you will learn how to create deep and lasting transformation for your clients, to coach from a holistic and intuitive perspective (not from techniques), and to structure your coaching practice for rapid business growth.

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