Work with Me


“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation
and go to the grave with the song still in them.”


Let this not be you.


The world is waiting for you…

To live powerfully and courageously.
To do the important work you are meant to do.
To love fully and deeply.
To pursue your dreams and build them into your reality.


› Are an entrepreneur, coach or business leader.
› Are coachable and have a “let’s do this” attitude.
› Are ready to shed the people-pleaser mentality and explore what freedom means to you.
› Want to feel powerful, confident, and on-purpose.
› Are ready for results like these.


I’ve studied everything from spirituality to creativity, neurocardiology to literature.  I left Corporate America because it was slow suicide to my soul.  I wrote my MFA thesis on my experiences living and working in Africa, and my PhD dissertation on Heart Consciousness.  Intuition and love are my guiding forces.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and stop daydreaming about what you want?

Then let’s rock…


The Catalyst Session

1:1 Coaching with Mindie – Single Session

In this 1-hour strategy session, we’ll dive deep, map out where you are, where you want to be, and create an action plan to get you from here to there. Via phone/Skype or in person (Scottsdale, AZ).  $300

We can jam on:
› Your business
› Your relationships
› Your heart
› Your purpose

Your Results:
› The weight lifted off your shoulders knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE
› Greater clarity + heightened intuition
› The next steps to take to achieve your goal
› Greater overall sense of purpose + fulfillment

This is unscripted creation at its finest.  I don’t use an outline or process template in my sessions; this makes each session unique and custom designed for you.


COR Coach Training Academy

sold out

Many would-be coaches get stuck in “Where do I begin?” and never actually get started.
COR is the program I wish would have been available when I was first starting out. I would have paid a small fortune for someone who had gone before me to show me the ropes, hold my hand through the start-up phase and be my “go to” mentor for questions and concerns. COR is where you begin.
Three month coach training course.

Program overview:

Coach Training
› Video training + Q&A sessions
1:1 Coaching + Mentorship with Mindie
› Two 60-minute sessions per month

Investment: $6000  Pilot Program 2014:  $1997

Terms of Service