enCor: The Mastermind for Coaches
If you've been searching for a community that's the perfect mix of grounded business savvy and spiritual wisdom, keep reading...

Until now, enCor (pronounced "encore") was something I only offered to graduates of my coaching school, Cor Coaching Academy.  For the first time, I'm opening it up to the public because, Hey... Maybe you already have the foundation of your coaching business built (which we focus on in Cor), but you're looking for a tribe in which to grow and develop.

In enCor, we focus on the specific mindset and marketing that coaches need to succeed as solo-preneurs or small business owners.  enCor means "in heart" which is the focal point of everything we do.

What enCor is NOT...
enCor is not a sales training course.  We maintain minimum requirements for hours coached and clients enrolled to enter into the program.  If you are struggling to enroll your first client, this is not the program for you.  We focus specifically on strategic growth and creative marketing, in addition to developing a tribe of support.  Fill out the application below and we'll get started with a no-risk conversation.
enCor Membership
1-2 group calls per month
Text access to Mindie for laser coaching and questions
Done-for-you set up of systems and automation
A "Golden Ticket" to any of Mindie's courses or events (Cor, HeartPath, etc...)
Word on the Street
Sorry... enCor is currently closed.