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You Don’t Need a Coach

I believe everyone should have a coach, but the truth is you don’t need one. There are zillions of books, programs, courses and tons of life experience to teach you everything you want to know. No one needs a coach. OK, confession time… I … [Read More]

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3 Things I Learned from Getting Kicked Off Facebook

Yesterday I was kicked off Facebook (temporarily) and my post was banned. Here are three things I learned in the process: httpv://youtu.be/LKMOZitsXp8 … [Read More]

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So… You’re Saying I’m a Prostitute?

UPDATE:  Facebook removed this post after it had been seen by over 200,000 people and had hundreds of comments. Thank you to everyone who commented.  Keep spreading the love.  xo   No one ever believes that I get hate mail, but this one is … [Read More]

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HeartPath Scholarship

  Welcome to the HeartPath Scholarship page. I'm delighted to offer you this special opportunity. This page will provide all the details for the scholarship available for the upcoming HeartPath retreat in Sedona, AZ -- Oct 30 - Nov 2, … [Read More]

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How to Heal from a Broken Heart

It’s a funny thing… At business and marketing conferences I’ve attended recently, the topic that always rises to the surface is relationships. So and so is going through a divorce and it’s now affecting their work; someone else is still looking for … [Read More]