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Sean Stephenson and Mindie Kniss

Be Grateful for the Contrast

Flipping the calendar to September this morning felt like relief, a wave washing away the chaos of the last month. On July 31st, I got a call that no one is ever prepared for… “Your husband’s been in an accident.” Sean had taken our dog on a … [Read More]

Sean and Mindie

Webinar Replay

Links to events we mentioned: HeartPath Sean's Speaker Training … [Read More]


The 2nd Half

Every July I have a little bit of an, "Oh sh*t," moment as I realize the year is halfway over. A quick glance at the whiteboard in my office shows that there are still A LOT of 2014 goals listed. And when I say "a lot," it's not because I had … [Read More]

2014-04-09 19.36.06

Never Say Never

It's been a while since I last wrote and I've missed the interactions with you.  Lots of cool stuff has been going on behind the scenes, but more than anything, I blame this guy for keeping me just plain old busy.  ;-) Meet Brave, a three-month … [Read More]


Woo Woo Shit

You probably know that I have a seminar coming up called HeartPath.  Well, I've heard all sorts of excuses for why people don't sign up... Time, money, FEAR, or that they don't have a heart.  (Yes, an attendee actually told me that.) What's … [Read More]